I am a web designer and lover of all things kitsch. I go nuts over things that connect the physical world with the digital, I will give you one example of what I mean. I have this gadget on my desk, it is a little box with a really cute little (toy) hamster in a wheel and every time a page takes longer than normal to load the wheel starts spinning and the hamster starts running. It is silly and absolutely useless, and I know it would drive many people mad, but for me it's a reason to smile every time my computer works too slow. There are so many gadgets out there in this category and perhaps I will invent some of my own at some point, but for now I am grateful to be busy with freelance admissions.

My work

When I design websites I put a lot of effort into making each site personal. It is important to give each customer a strong web identity that goes with what they're selling. On this blog I will share with you anything from personal thoughts to hands on tips and tricks in the field of web design. Stay tuned!

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